Bloodflood WIP
I know I’ve been posting mostly wips lately but I’m VERY busy with work stuff and all my canvases are left to practically rot. I’m slipping mostly sketches between breaks and even THAT takes a lot on my work hours. Urgh. 

Here’s another wip for you guys. :)
I actually wanted to give up on this. But a friend of mine told me to just see what happens and I thank him forever for it. :) 

I’m sorry for the horrible photo. 



I was browsing through my old works and saw a drawing that I did 3 years ago. Apparently, I’ve been obsessed with big-headed girls even then. 
PS: Hi to all of my new followers~ I’ve something in store for you guys so stay tuned. 


For my friend, Marielle~ 

Yes, I’m a big fan of Merida. I gave her her father’s cotume because I can^^


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